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Processing Cues from the Intuition

Recently I have been dealing with some stress surrounding my current housing situation. I initially responded by taking several small action steps, none of which seemed to affect any change in the energetics of the situation. I was confiding my frustrations to a friend who flew out to visit. We had to find other lodging during my friend's stay because my landlord was unwilling to let me have visitors for longer than one night (per month? Ever...?) I was probably at the crescendo of my rant about how I pay more than I ever have in rent yet am constantly having my privacy, space and freedoms cramped by my landlord - when I suddenly fell and twisted my ankle. Now if you are familiar with the Chakra model of the Human Energy System, you're probably thinking along the same lines as me and recognize that ankles are associated with the Root Chakra. Issues in this area of the body often manifest when there is strife in the home life and with basic issues of survival. I realized that the solution to my problem was going to require me to go deeper into this, so I set aside some time for a Root Chakra meditation. I figured that was a good place to start, given that my issue relates to my home and survival, and in light of my recent injury.

I sat in a comfortable safe spot with curtains drawn for privacy and low light. I lit candles and smudged myself with Palo Santo. I only have a few small pieces which I know were collected sustainably so I ration it and reserve it for specific rituals. It seemed to me like the deep resinous scent that I needed for this occasion in order to connect the deep dark sap of the Earth's roots up to whomever will hear my plight in the heavens through the intensions sent in smoke.

Next I anointed myself with some Vetiver essential oil, and cradled with both hands the biggest piece of natural uncut Garnet that I could find. And then I went into my meditation.

What I saw when went into meditation and asked for a view of my Root Chakra was not surprisingly some roots. They looked very similar to roots in this picture. When I came out of the meditation, and started interpreting the image with my conscious mind, I was very focused on this being a manifestation of my desire to "plant my own seed and put in roots somewhere". I thought that was a pretty fair interpretation... until things escalated with my living situation and it became clear to me that I could not cultivate the expansive energy I desire to attract right now in my life as long as I am in this space. What I was not seeing in this vision was the cautionary message about being "UPROOTED"

The tree roots in the picture are pushing up from the ground. One could actually see how this is a pretty good illustration of the concept of being "uprooted", right? That's when I realized how eerily similar this process is to playing the game of Pictionary! Perhaps the game of Pictionary manifested into the physical realm to illustrate the concept of how hard it is to get through to us sometimes even when the visual clues we are being given are actually quite clear and undeniable... haha....

There is a show called Medium, starring Patricia Arquette about a woman with psychic abilities who works with the District Attorney to help solve crimes. (see the trailer here)

The show came out years ago, and I don't remember how I came across it, but as I watched more and more episodes, I started to notice some examples of how the main character works with what she sees in dreams in order to accurately interpret the information that seemed way too accurate to be made up. I had experienced my intuition in unexplainable yet accurate ways similar to the way the character on the show had, which got me wondering who the writers were and where the storyline came from. It didn't take much digging to learn that the main character Allison Dubois is based on a real woman who did indeed work with Law Enforcement to help catch horrible criminals based on the information she received in dreams. I was THRILLED to learn about this! My suspicions had been correct, which was even more validating because it connected me to countless other regular people out there who receive information either in dreams or meditation and then must do their best to interpret it accurately. Sometimes you can't see the forest through the trees. Sometimes a pipe is really just a pipe. This speaks to the importance of developing your ability to corroborate your hunches against your own filters and human limitations.

Human intuition is capable of so much more than we know, and we are only just starting to talk about it. Bringing the sacred feminine back into balance means holding space for our intuition, whatever that may look like. There is so much of this territory that is still unexplored, and I am so excited to connect with others who are ready to have these conversations, honestly, candidly, from the heart.

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