Hi, I'm Amelia Mosher, Artist, Spiritual Healer and Health Educator of Inspired by the Wild.  I want to connect you to the deepest part of your inner knowing: the part of you that is still wild.


Many of us are living domesticated lives.  It's not our fault that we have pushed our intuition deep into the shadows in order to conform with the pace of modern day living.  We didn't choose the culture we were born into, the culture that pulled us so far away from the Earth that we forgot how it worked altogether.  How to cultivate plants, learn from animals, read tides and navigate by the stars.  


Consequently, we have become equally as far from our own bodies.  We have forgotten how our own bodies work, how to energize ourselves naturally, heal ourselves, live sustainably and in alignment.


Inspired by the Wild is a call to action.  


It has its own momentum and desire to grow, sustaining itself by feeding on a shared vision and bearing the fruit of change.  


It all starts with you, making one change within the microcosmic world that is you.  


Amelia Mosher