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Inspired by the Wild is a call to action from the deepest part of your soul, urging you to build the life of your wildest dreams.  I'm Amelia Mosher, Artist, Educator, Healer, and I want to connect you to the deepest part of your inner knowing: the part of you that is still wild.


Many of us are living domesticated lives.  It's not our fault that we have pushed our intuition deep into the shadows in order to conform to the pace of modern day living.  We didn't choose the culture we were born into, the culture that pulled us so far away from the Earth that we forgot our connection to it.    We didn't choose to trade our survival for our freedom.  We have forgotten how to cultivate plants for food and medicine, how to heal ourselves, how to learn from animals, read tides and navigate by the stars.  


As this wisdom becomes more fragmented, so do we.  

We have become strangers to our own bodies and the wisdom contained in our DNA.  We have forgotten how to live in alignment with purpose and passion.

The wild part of you has its own momentum and desire to grow. Your untamed soul remembers that you are divine, but in this ego-driven world it's easy to forget.  When we are trapped in ego-centric thinking we stick to what is safe and familiar, and never pursue our deepest desires, never achieve our greatest potential.  You were meant for more.  If you are ready to explore what awaits you, then you have come to the right place. 


It all starts with one change within the microcosmic world that is you. 
Welcome to the Wild side!  Here you will find classes, products and resources to support you on your journey to the life of your wildest dreams.  


Amelia Mosher
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