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Overcoming addiction has less to do with willpower and more to do with lifestyle adaptation. Sure it requires a certain amount of determination, but typically when people think about willpower, they picture muscling their way forcefully through a difficult situation.

Creating new behaviors starts with rewiring our thinking. New behaviors form based on rewards, and essential oils have a variety of naturally rewarding qualities. The sense of smell in the human brain is regulated by the olfactory region of the brain, which is located next to the amygdala, the center of memory and emotion. Our sense of smell has a big impact on how we feel, and our ability to recall memories.

The smell of essential oils becomes even more enjoyable and rewarding to someone who is working on quitting smoking. Days after quitting smoking cigarettes, the nerve endings in the nose and mouth start to regrow and recover. Some people believe that's why appetite increases for a while after quitting smoking, because the increase in sensitivity to taste is naturally rewarding. There are a few different possible reasons for appetite shift after quitting tobacco use, but the increased sensitivity to smells and flavors can both be satisfied by the use of essential oils.

Aromatherapy can have immediate impact on our mood and wellbeing. Cooling peppermint opens capillaries and encourages deep relaxed breaths. Passively breathing Cedarwood essential oil for an hour has shown to reduce cortisol levels (stress hormones in the bloodstream) by up to 50%!

Please note that not all oils are created equal! Some are held to extremely high standards of cultivation and production. I prefer doTerra because they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality, which is considered food grade and safe for internal ingestion. Thus, many of them can be added to water, taken in softgels, even added to recipes. Pure food-grade quality peppermint essential oil can be used in place of gum or candy to help satisfy a craving and avoid sugar. Lemon can be added to water to help detoxify the system. If you are interested in using oils for internal ingestion, make sure that the brand you have is food safe.

There are so many ways to use essential oils to support behavior change. Find essential oils for purchase under the Skincare section of the Shop tab. To learn more custom blends, learning about oils, or careers in the essential oil industry, email Amelia at

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