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Navigating the Void

What to Do When You've Found Yourself Stuck and Uninspired

Historically, the relationship between the artist and inspiration was depicted through the personification of The Muses. These Goddesses represented ideas, which came to artists and showed them what to create. As creatives, we develop a sacred bond with our inspiration, and learn how to make ourselves available to the flow of ideas. Most of us experience days when we are full of creative energy and days when our energy wanes. As we become more familiar with the cycles of ebb and flow in ideas, it becomes normalized without question - until one day... One day we wake up finding ourselves unusually disinterested. The feeling persists for a month without change. The ideas are gone. The creative drive is gone. Everything has come to a strange and alienating halt. Welcome to The Void.

For an artist, The Void is characterized by a painful and confusing loss of inspiration. Those on a spiritual path also find themselves in The Void, and in this context it has been described as the feeling of being forgotten by Spirit. As in, to fall out of communication with, or to fall out of sync with the Universe. The path that was previously lit with meaning and synchronicities is now clouded with doubt and confusion. Many who start to feel this disconnect wonder if it is a form of punishment, or a consequence of being somehow out of alignment. Having experienced the full range of this myself, I can say that my first thought was that I was simply depressed - I won't say that it's not depressing to be in this Void, but I want to classify The Void is a more specific type of existential transition. I would also say that it's fair to describe this period of time as an identity crisis, but purpose of The Void is much more specific.

The Void is the space in between the creative endeavor which is ending and the new project that has not yet become manifest. It is the space provided for the purpose of clearing out and making room for the new.

I have been through this process at least twice, and honestly it was awful the first time around, and awful for most of the second time - until I stumbled upon a discussion about The Void and suddenly recognized it for what it was. It wasn't until I had some guidance that I was able to put the entire process into perspective, and learn to roll with it (big sigh).

Here are my 3 biggest tips for you if you're going through it right now:

  1. Surrender to The Void

  2. Release all the ways you used to express your creative/spiritual energy

  3. Be patient and trust that the only way out is through, and the more thorough you can be about releasing the old so as to make way for the new, the faster the cycle will complete

I know how abstract this advice can sound, because it was a bit confusing for me to make sense of when I first heard it - even though I was desperate at that point. I understand the desperation of The Void because I had never imagined that my creativity could disappear or go dormant for so long and leave me feeling so outside myself. I think the worst part about The Void is not feeling passionate about ANYTHING> trust me - I tried EVERYTHING. I moved to Hawaii in hopes of escaping the depression, thinking that if anything could inspire me it would be paradise, but no. In fact that made things worse, because then I really had to wonder what was wrong with me that I couldn't get my spark back, even in one of the most beautiful desirable places on Earth?! I continued to try....

I designed a few items like the Monsterra Leaf Earrings above, but I was going through the motions without finding that creative spark. It was incredibly depressing to watch my old life dying while nothing seemed to be emerging on the horizon.

The Void has it's own timeline which depends on how thoroughly you can participate in the process versus resisting it. Every time you reach for the old ways, you prolong the timeline of staying in The Void space.

The only way to really appreciate the entire process for what it is, is to see it in completion. I'm here to reassure you that there is so much passion, inspiration and power waiting for you on the other side. I know it doesn't seem like it from inside The Void, but trust me, there are big forces working for you right now.

If this resonates with you, please consider scheduling a free consultation with me, and let's shine some light onto your path together. Now that I've seen The Void process for what it is, I can't help but see the Universe differently, and I would love to share this perspective with you.

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