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Inspired by the Wild

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Wild places have always been a source of inspiration to me, and a way to access my intuition. Many traditional cultures have depicted animal totems in their artwork and storytelling, as people have studied animal behavior for years.

Throughout this site I'll make reference to "animal medicine" and "plant medicine" and "crystal medicine." The term "medicine" encompasses a wide range of healing tools outside the scope of what we think of when it comes to western medicine. For example, if journaling alleviates stress thereby improving chronic illness, then journaling is an effective form of "medicine".

For the sake of this discussion, I define "wild" as unique from the term "Nature" in that it implies a pristine state of being. Unlike a park which might contain many different landscaped varieties of natural shrubbery, the Wild connotes visions of countless species of flora and fauna in a complete ecosystem, utterly intrinsically interdependent. Through interactions within the web of life patterns emerge, leaving clues to the intrinsic nature of living on Earth. These archetypal patterns connect us.

We are able to make comparisons like metaphors because are all connected by the same set of patterns. Metaphor exists because we are all connected.

By acknowledging our interconnectedness, Inspired by the Wild is committed to supporting the growth of wild places.

We source our products from small businesses that understand the value of a thriving ecosystem. A portion of our proceeds go back to restoration and reforestation projects.

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