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This 6-week course combines the CDC's Clinical Practical Guidlines on the Best Practices for Tobacco Cessation with essential oils to give you your best chances of quit using tobacco for good.  Tobacco is highly addictive and can be extremely difficult to quit, but studies have shown that 6 sessions with a trained counselor can significantly increase your chances of success.  

The digital coursework includes an introductory video, audio instruction for 6 weeks, 1 activity per week, and instruction for using the essential oils to support you during your quitting process.  The Tobacco Cessation Collection of Essential Oils will ship as soon as we receive your mailing address. 

Nicotine Replacement Therapy can also improve your chances of success.  It is NOT included in the purchase of this program, however I am available for NRT consultations if you are interested in using it along with this program.  You can book these sessions through the Book A Session tab on the homepage.

*Please note that I use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils from doTERRA in this course because they are not only organic, but they are also food safe.  Not all brands of essential oils are safe for internal ingestion, so if you choose to add your own oils to this program, make sure they are food grade quality if you plan on using them internally.

Free & Clear Tobacco Cessation Program


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