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Crystal Medicine

When my only source of income was selling my handmade jewelry, most of my days were spent quietly in the studio. Most of my work was sold out of retail locations and online, so I rarely had the chance to interact with my customers. Festivals were my only opportunity to connect with people about the metaphysical and healing properties of crystals. And often, there wasn't enough time to get deep into a conversation without being interrupted by the crowds of people coming through the booth. I have wanted to create and hold space for these conversations in context that was more conducive to energy work, but wasn't sure what it would look like.

I became particularly interested in the connection between a customer and the piece they chose. If I noticed someone looking at a pair of earrings, I would ask what they liked about them. Then I would ask if they wanted to hear some of the properties associated with the crystals in the earrings. At first, it was astounding to me how people responded. They were so often struck with surprise and awe to learn how the properties of the crystals spoke to them in a personal and meaningful way. This happened again and again, and it gave me the chance to study crystal medicine: How they attract us, and why. What they can tell us through their geological formation is just part of it. How the crystal is presented in the piece is also part of the medicine, for example whether the crystal is wrapped as a ring, or hung on a necklace determines where the crystal sits on our body, and how it will be seen and experienced by the wearer. I started calling this "Aesthetic Intuition," because it works through attraction to a certain look or aesthetic. I believe that if you find something beautiful, it means it has a message for you.

I love interacting with the world through crystals. After years of doing these same festivals, returning customers would come and share their stories with me about how the crystal medicine unfolded for them. One of my favorite stories still gives me goosebumps when I tell it. The story starts with a young woman walking into my booth at a festival. She was immediately drawn to a pair of earrings with Druzy Agate. When I asked if she was interested in hearing the metaphysical properties of the crystals, she said sure. I told her how Druzy refers to a cluster of small crystals growing on top of another crystal. Each small crystal contributes to the whole, which speaks to the togetherness of community. Whatever type of crystal the Druzy cluster is growing upon has to do with the type of community one may be joining. The young woman told me that she had just found out she was pregnant and joining the community of mothers. It was such a beautiful moment I'll never forget it at long as I live. Months later I was fortunate to run into the same woman who had purchased the Druzy earrings from me, and she reminded me that I told her that Agate was associated with the feminine, and therefore the Druzy growing on an Agate indicates a feminine community - she had found out she was having a little girl!! The magic continues to unfold!! I tear up every time I think about that story, because it was so beautiful and meaningful to both of us.

I love interpreting crystal medicine, and am excited to announce the space I've created where we can go deeper into subject without the distraction of festival energy! When you book a Crystal Energy Reading, we'll talk about the metaphysical and healing properties of the crystals, and how to work with them. This is an excellent place to start if you're looking for a custom piece because it gives us adequate time to explore the energy of the crystals and how to integrate them into the design. I can't wait to talk crystals with you!

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